Residential Housing

From small developments to large housing schemes, our range of resin bound and bonded systems are suitable for paths, communal areas, access roads, drives, parking space, roof terraces, balconies.

Where durability and lifespan are key, our range of resin surfacing systems offer a hard wearing, low maintenance surface that will give excellent performance for up to 25 years depending on usage.

Our systems can be applied onto a concrete or asphalt base or, in the event of ‘no-dig’ requirement, our Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound system can be installed onto a compacted MOT Type 3.

Our BBA approved Resin Bound Addaset , Addabound and Terrabound systems provide a seamless surfacing finish which is porous and SuDS compliant when installed onto a porous base build up.
Terrabase Rustic is an innovative, patented, Resin Bound porous surfacing system introduced to meet the needs of those projects that require a hard wearing, porous surface using a 6-10mm aggregate size to give a ‘rustic’ feel. Depending on your requirements, Terrabase Rustic can be applied directly onto most suitable surfaces and gradients. An ideal replacement or overlay system for self-binding surfaces such as ‘Hoggin’ as it is fully bound and will not be washed away. Ideal for landscaped areas in residential projects.
Addastone Resin Bonded system gives the appearance of loose gravel without the maintenance issues of migrating aggregate – perfect for pathways, courtyards and communal areas
If you are looking for a splash of colour, Addacolor offers vibrant coloured resin bound semi-porous blends for logos, design and demarcation. A decorative surface for pedestrian areas.

Range of colour options
From practical buffs, contemporary silvers through to vibrant coloured aggregate options, the Addagrip external surfacing range has a blend to suit your project.
With multiple colour choices, create bespoke patterns and logos for decoration and demarcation. Whether it is car parking bays or a creative courtyard design, the design possibilities are endless with our seamless applications.

Residential Applications

Suitable for pedestrian and vehicle use for footpaths, courtyards, access roads and car parks. Seamless blends can be installed and repeated for subsequent phases for continuity. Creates low maintenance, seamless, non-slip, porous surfacing for practical and safe use in residential schemes.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless – comfortable underfoot, no trip hazards
  • Low maintenance – minimal maintenance – sweeping clean and occasional power wash
  • Porous – no surface water
  • Hard wearing – Pedestrian and vehicle use with lifespan of up to 25 years depending on product and use
  • Range of decorative aggregate blends – practical dark and buff colours for a low maintenance paving option
  • SuDs compliant – permeable to allow water to drain away
  • No loose aggregate – no issue with migrating gravel
  • Good slip resistance – safe underfoot
  • Product Guarantee up to 25 years on selected range – Addaset, Addabound and Terrabound
  • Product Guarantee up to 10 years – Terrabase Rustic, Terrabase Classic
  • Product Guarantee up to 5 years –  Stonebound
  • EPD declaration on selected range– Addaset, Addabound, Terrabound, Terrabase Rustic, Terrabase Classic
  • BBA certified on selected range – Addaset, Addabound and Terrabound
  • No-dig option – where access or non-invasive surface is required – Terrabase Rustic, Terrabase Classic
  • Decorative – offered in a range of rustic, contemporary or coloured aggregate blends