Resin Courtyards

Whether you are looking for paving for a garden courtyard or for a commercial scheme, the requirements for a decorative yet practical, hardwearing surfacing are key considerations.

The Addagrip range of resin bound surfacing systems provide decorative, porous, low maintenance paving options for garden courtyards, communal courtyards in care homes, hospitals, schools and residential projects

If you are thinking of creating a new courtyard, extending or rejuvenating your existing courtyard with a new low maintenance, decorative paving, Addagrip has a range of Resin Bound surfacing systems available in a wide range of aggregate colours.
Whether you need a smart contemporary BBA certified resin bound finish to suit a modern garden landscaping scheme or a more rustic looking product for country gardens and heritage projects, we have a paving solution to suit your requirements.

Resin bound surfacing offers great porosity when used with a recommended porous build up, ensuring that water drains through into the base, offering a SuDS solution and eradicating standing water.
Resin bound surfacing also offers great slip resistance so is safe underfoot, especially in wet conditions.

Resin bound surfacing provides a seamless finish, ideal for contemporary courtyards but for creative designs, use different colour options or decorative granite sets, edging systems to create contrasting areas. Resin bound surfacing comes in a range of colours to help you create paving with a traditional feel using our buff aggregate blends or with a contemporary twist using modern greys. If you are looking for splash of colour we even have a coloured aggregate option for impact.
Our resin bound systems offer a smooth porous finish to replicate the look of loose gravel without the issues of migrating stone and benefit from minimal maintenance requirements – a sweep and a power wash to keep your patio looking as good as the day it was installed.

If you require a more rustic look to your patio paving, our Terrabase Rustic is available in a 6-10mm aggregate blend and has the added benefit of not requiring a concrete or asphalt base – ideal for creating a new patio surface or extending an existing area with minimum disruption.

If you are looking for a more traditional loose gravel appearance, our Resin Bonded surfacing can also be used for courtyard surfacing for those projects requiring the aesthetics of loose gravel without the maintenance issues of migrating stone. However, there will be an element of shedding over time so we would suggest regular sweeping and use of harder wearing aggregates such as Bauxite or Granite for maximum lifespan – around 8 – 12 years depending on usage.

Suitable for use in garden courtyards, communal courtyards in care homes, hospitals, schools and residential projects.

Resin Courtyards Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for pedestrian use – ideal for courtyards, patios, pathways
  • Seamless – for continuous surfacing in one or more colours
  • Low maintenance – can be power washed if required
  • Porous resin bound systems
  • Hard wearing – up to 25 years for resin bound
  • Range of practical shaded aggregate blends – darker colours show less dirt
  • SuDs compliant – when used with recommended base build up
  • No loose aggregate – solves issues of migrating stone
  • Good slip resistance – for safety, especially in wet conditions
  • Product Guarantee – on selected range of 5 years, 10 years, up to 25 years
  • EPD declaration – on selected range
  • BBA certified – on selected range
  • Decorative – offers aesthetic alternative to concrete and asphalt car park surfacing
  • Minimum/No dig option – Terrabase system onto a compacted type 3 aggregate base
  • Soften sound vibration – making it perfect for enclosed spaces

‘We are over the moon with the surfacing. Nice design executed perfectly by Total Protection Ltd. They do a really good job. There’s never anything to complain about with Addagrip, and our clients always love the result.’

Simon Whitlock, Senior Contracts Manager, Kingston Landscape Group - Tubs Hill Courtyard

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