Resin bound permeable surfacing  can be installed onto an attenuation crate build up for Green and Blue Roof podiums to allow controlled release of rainwater

Resin bound surfacing is permeable offering SuDS compliant paving for driveways and porous surfacing for Green and Blue Roof projects

Our resin bound system installations are finished with a layer of glass grit which will offer good slip resistance. This finish does wear away in time but slip resistance will be maintained from the exposed bound aggregate surface.

On external surfaces for public areas such as hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, train stations and platforms, schools and residential houses for driveways, pool and hot tub surrounds to create a safe non slip surface and combines green energy as well.

All Renewable Heat Sources can be used, such as Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Biomass Etc.

Yes, the resin bound finish offers a smooth, non-slip surface all year round and can be applied to slopes, steps, podium decks etc.

The Pipework used is a PEX pipe and laid around 15-20mm under the resin surface.

Yes. Our specialist will arrange a site visit, discuss your requirements and design a bespoke system for you

The Pipework used is a PEX pipe and is laid around 15-20mm under the resin bound surface.

Life expectancy on this system is 25 years.

The Addagrip EcoHeat surface is installed onto a suitable base at a depth between 30-45 mm, the Pipework is covered with a larger base stone and the top coat is installed to specific depth and colour choice , it can the be connected to a thermal battery with can store excess heat for peak demand usage and there would be no need for a hot water cylinder.

Set up with an air source heat pump and thermal battery, the system would be capable of supplying heating and hot water and save on fuel bills. The system will not supply all of your hot water as this system will depend on how much sun is on the surface. It will pre-heat water in the same way as a solar panel.