Resin bound surfacing installations are finished with a layer of fine grit to offer good slip resistance.

Resin bound surfacing is permeable offering porous SuDS compliant paving for driveways.

Addagrip’s Resin Bound and Resin Bonded external surfacing systems do not contain non-aqueous/non-polar solvents as part of the product formulation, ensuring that they are solvent free.

Please note: small quantities of a proprietary solvent mix are offered to contractors to aid in the cleaning of tools and equipment. As this solvent mix will damage the resin surfacing, it is always recommended that tool cleaning is carried out infrequently (i.e. only at the end of application sessions), and in a well ventilated area a suitable distance away from any freshly-laid material.

Resin Bonded Addastone Plus is suitable for driveways offering a textured appearance that replicates the look of loose gravel.

Resin bonded gravel surfaces are very resilient. However, life spans will depend on usage and choices of aggregate. Typical examples of expected life are as follows:

  • Footpaths using a 2-5mm Brittany Bronze: 8-15 Years
  • Domestic Drive using a 1-3mm Chinese Bauxite: 8-15 Years
  • Car Parks using a 1-3mm Guyanan Bauxite: 5-10 Years
  • Roads using 1-3mm Chinese Bauxite 5- 8 Years

Cost depends on sqm area, site specifics such as base requirements, edging and design specification. Contact us to request a quote.

The Addagrip range of BBA approved Addaset, Addabound Terrabound Resin Bound surfacing, Stonebound and Terrabase systems are suitable for driveways when installed onto one of our recommended base build ups.

The Addagrip range of Resin Bound surfacing systems are porous and SuDS compliant when installed onto one of our recommended porous base build ups.

There are two different systems that use resin to fix gravel aggregates to create decorative surfacing. These are Resin Bound porous paving and Resin Bonded paving and whilst similar in name they have different properties, application methods and aesthetics.

Resin bound surfacing consists of aggregate mixed with resin in specific blends using specific aggregate to resin ratios. The material is trowelled down to a smooth finish similar to a screed (with no loose stones). Depths are specified depending on aggregate size, normally 12mm, 16mm, 18mm or 24mm.

Resin bonded surfacing is a scatter system which provides texture and the appearance of loose gravel.
A layer of resin is applied to a suitable surface laid to falls and covered with loose aggregate. Once cured the remaining loose stones are removed. Thickness is governed by aggregate size. i.e. 1-3mm aggregate will have a nominal depth of 4mm.

Cost depends on sqm area, site specifics such as base requirements, edging and design specification. Contact us to request a quote.

Our range of Resin Bound systems have an anticipated lifespan of up to 25 years depending on product and usage.  We have a range of Product Guarantees ranging from 5 years, 10 years  and up to 25 years.