Resin Bound Porous Surfacing

The Addagrip range of resin bound surfacing systems are available in 6mm and 10mm aggregate blends that offer porous, SuDS compliant options when installed onto our recommended porous base build ups. The matrix of natural aggregates and resin blends create permeable resin bound paving which allows rainwater to drain naturally into groundwater channels or into watercourses.

Resin Bound Porous Systems

Terrabase Rustic resin bound surfacing, our minimum/no-dig paving installed onto a compacted type 3 provides excellent porosity due to the 10mm aggregate size and minimal base build up. Perfect for heritage schemes, driveways and pathways in areas of high rainfall.

BBA approved Addaset, Addabound, Terrabound, available in 6 and 10mm aggregate blends offer good flow rates and can also be installed with the Terrabase system as a Terrabase Classic ,providing greater porosity.

Addaflex-R, a mix of recycled rubber and aggregates resin bound system that can be installed as a minimum/no dig product to offer flexible porous paving for pathways, cycle paths and tree pit schemes.

Whatever your surface requirements, Addagrip has a range of porous resin bound surfacing products perfect for domestic and commercial projects for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic where drainage is a key consideration. Suitable for areas subject to flooding including flood defence schemes.

Key Benefits

  • Porous – allows rainwater to drain through the resin bound surface into sub base or directed into water storage system
  • No surface water – reduces surface water runoff and potential flooding risk
  • Reduces pressure on drainage systems – rainwater soaks away into substrate
  • Minimise watercourse pollution – captures contaminants including oils and heavy metal
  • Water Recycling – rainwater can be harvested and reused for watering schemes in gardens etc
  • SuDS compliant when installed onto a recommended permeable base build up