Better Tree Pits: Enhancing Urban Landscapes with Resin Bound Solutions

Compilation of three images showcasing Addastone TP, Tree Pit Solution.

One crucial, and often overlooked element of urban design is the tree pit. Properly designed tree pits not only enhance the visual appeal of urban areas but also support the health and growth of trees. In this blog, we’ll explore resin bound tree pit solutions and explain why resin bound systems are the best choice for tree pits.

What are Tree Pits & Why Are They Used?

Tree pits are designated areas in urban environments where trees reside. These pits are designed to provide the necessary space and conditions for growth while integrating seamlessly with surrounding infrastructure. Tree pits are essential for several reasons:

  • Supporting Urban Greenery: They help incorporate greenery into urban settings, improving air quality and providing shade.
  • Protecting Tree Roots: Tree pits protect roots from damage caused by foot traffic and vehicles.
  • Managing Water Runoff: Properly designed tree pits aid in water infiltration, reducing surface runoff and preventing flooding.

Why Are Resin Bound Tree Pits a Good Choice?

Enhanced Tree Health

Resin bound tree pits provide superior access to air and water, critical for the healthy growth of tree roots. The highly porous surface ensures that water can easily reach the roots, promoting robust growth and reducing the risk of root suffocation.

Aesthetic Appeal

Resin bound surfaces are visually appealing, offering a wide range of colours and textures to complement any urban design. The natural look of the aggregates can enhance the overall aesthetics of the area, making it more inviting and pleasant.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Resin bound tree pits are durable and require minimal maintenance. The UV stable resin ensures that the surface remains attractive over time, while the strong binding properties of the resin prevent loose stones and surface damage.

Safety and Cleanliness

Traditional tree grilles can become litter traps, creating unsightly and unsanitary conditions. Resin bound tree pits installed flush with the surrounding pavement eliminate this issue, contributing to a cleaner and safer urban environment.

Addagrip Can Provide Addastone TP

Addagrip offers Addastone TP, a high-quality resin bound system designed for tree pits. Addastone TP uses a variety of natural or recycled aggregates to create an attractive and porous surface. Key features include:

  • UV Stable Polyurethane: Ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to discoloration.
  • Highly Porous Surface: Allows excellent air and water penetration, essential for healthy tree growth.
  • Natural or Recycled Aggregates: Environmentally friendly materials align with sustainable urban design principles.
  • Flush Installation: Prevents litter traps and enhances cleanliness by integrating seamlessly with surrounding paving.


Resin bound tree pit solutions offer numerous benefits, from enhanced tree health and aesthetic appeal to durability and low maintenance. By incorporating high-quality materials like Addagrip’s Addastone TP, architects and specifiers can create sustainable and beautiful urban landscapes. For more information on resin bound tree pit solutions, contact Addagrip and discover how their products can enhance your urban environment.