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Bertie Hill-Eldridge

Bertie is the creative mind behind Addagrip Terraco's digital presence. With a dynamic background in Digital Marketing, Drone Photography, and Video Production, Bertie brings a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise to our team.

Bertie's early exposure to diverse cultures and landscapes during his childhood travels ignited his passion for visual storytelling. This wanderlust-inspired perspective infuses his work with a captivating and global appeal. His keen eye for detail and dedication to perfection ensure that every project he undertakes reflects Addagrip Terraco's commitment to excellence.

When he's not crafting captivating visuals, Bertie enjoys the simple pleasures of life in West Sussex, where he shares a cosy abode with his wonderful girlfriend. As an avid dog lover, Bertie has a dream – to one day welcome a fluffy canine companion into his home, adding an extra dose of charm to his already vibrant world.

Bertie's dedication to his craft and his unwavering desire to create meaningful connections through digital mediums make him an invaluable asset to the Addagrip Terraco family. His innovative spirit, coupled with his love for storytelling, drives our digital initiatives to new heights.

Connect with Bertie and explore the artistry behind Addagrip Terraco's journey through his lens.

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