What’s The Difference Between Resin Bound And Resin Bonded?

There are two different systems that use resin to fix gravel aggregates to create decorative surfacing. These are Resin Bound porous paving and Resin Bonded paving and whilst similar in name they have different properties, application methods and aesthetics.

Resin bound surfacing consists of aggregate mixed with resin in specific blends using specific aggregate to resin ratios. The material is trowelled down to a smooth finish similar to a screed (with no loose stones). Depths are specified depending on aggregate size, normally 12mm, 16mm, 18mm or 24mm.

Resin bonded surfacing is a scatter system which provides texture and the appearance of loose gravel.
A layer of resin is applied to a suitable surface laid to falls and covered with loose aggregate. Once cured the remaining loose stones are removed. Thickness is governed by aggregate size. i.e. 1-3mm aggregate will have a nominal depth of 4mm.