Terrabase Classic at Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground

Detailed view of the completed Terrabase Classic: Oyster at Trent Bridge.

Project Summary:

In a recent undertaking at the iconic Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, NT Killingley, a contractor known for their expertise and quality workmanship, successfully installed Addagrip’s Terrabase Classic in the Oyster colour blend. This project highlights the seamless integration of high-performance surfacing solutions in sports venues, enhancing both their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Location Insight:

Trent Bridge, renowned for its rich cricketing history and as a venue for international cricket events, sought an upgrade that would match its prestigious status while offering practical benefits. The chosen location within the grounds required a surfacing solution that would withstand high foot traffic, provide durability, and complement the existing architecture and landscaping.

Product Selection:

The decision to use Terrabase Classic in the Oyster variant was driven by the need for a robust, low-maintenance surface that could align with the elegance and traditional charm of Trent Bridge. Terrabase Classic, known for its durability and ease of installation without the need for extensive groundworks, proved to be an ideal choice.

Contractor Execution:

NT Killingley, with their extensive experience in landscape construction, carried out the installation with precision and attention to detail. Their expertise ensured that the Terrabase Classic surface was applied seamlessly, meeting the high standards required for such a notable venue.

Project Outcome:

The completed installation has been met with accolades for its quality, resilience, and the sophisticated finish that the Oyster blend provides. The new surfacing has elevated the visual appeal of the area, providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical solution suitable for the prestige of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.


This case study exemplifies the successful application of Addagrip’s Terrabase Classic in enhancing a key area of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. The collaboration between NT Killingley and Addagrip has resulted in a surfacing solution that not only meets the functional demands of a major sporting venue but also contributes significantly to its visual enhancement, ensuring that the ground remains a fitting stage for world-class cricket.


Trent Bridge Cricket Ground