Terrabound Golden Tan Resin Driveway in Essex for a private client.

Terrabound Golden Tan Resin Driveway in Essex.

Domestic resin driveway in Terrabound Golden Tan, side angle.

Project Description:

A private client in Little Burstead, Essex, recently sought a durable and visually appealing surface solution for their property. The client was interested in a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing option for their outdoor space. They turned to The TP Group to help them realize their vision.

Scope of Work:

The project involved the installation of 732 square meters of resin bound gravel in a ‘Golden Tan’ blend, using high-quality Addagrip UV resin. The aggregates used in the project were sourced from Long Rake Spar, renowned for their exceptional product quality.

One of the client’s specific requirements was that the surface should be Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) compliant. This meant that the surface needed to be permeable to allow rainwater to drain through it, reducing the risk of surface water runoff and the potential for flooding. Achieving SuDS compliance was a priority to promote environmental sustainability and regulatory adherence.


The project site presented a few unique challenges, including the request to undertake the large area with reduced construction time, minimizing disruption to the client’s property and without any unsightly joins.


The TP Group, with their extensive experience in resin bound gravel installations, successfully addressed these challenges presented by the project by completing in a single application, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface. This efficient approach was particularly beneficial to the client, allowing them to enjoy their new surface sooner.

To ensure SUDS compliance, the TP Group’s experts carefully executed the installation, guaranteeing that rainwater could permeate the surface and drain naturally into the ground, thus contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.


Upon completion of the project, the client was delighted with the outcome. The ‘Golden Tan’ resin bound gravel surface not only met their aesthetic expectations but also provided a sustainable and low-maintenance solution. The surface’s SUDS compliance further demonstrated the TP Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Systems Used: