Bletchley Park Resin Surfacing

Stonebound Resin Surfacing for Bletchley Park

After image of Bletchley Park with new Stonebound resin surface.

Located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, proudly stands Bletchley Park, an estate mansion built in the 19th century.

The building is widely known by accommodating the infamous code breakers during World War Two but is now commonly used as an exhibition centre, including The National Museum of Computing.

The huts in which the code breakers operated, have been rebuilt to appear as they would have at that time and also include a rebuilt Colossus machine attracting thousands of visitors annually.

Addagrip approved contractor, Total Protection, were approached by their long-standing client, Edwards Surfacing, to install a combined area size of 884m2 of Resin Bound Gravel to pathways and the main entrance to be undertaken over two phases.

The selected ‘3mm Silver’ colour blend was laid at a depth of 12mm–16mm, along with 140 linear metres of ‘6-10mm Danish Quartz’ which was installed to borders, creating a seamless, low maintenance surface.

Addagrip and TPG were very pleased with the final results along with all at Bletchley Park.

Systems Used: