Resin bound porous pathways for church in Lancashire

St Peter’s Church Prestbury

Resin bound no-dig church paths St Peters Prestbury

St. Peter’s Church was originally built by Monks in 1220 and is a Grade 1 Listed Building. Given the age of the Church, the pathways were in a state of disrepair. Most of the concrete was broken, cracked, uneven or simply bare earth; all of which had become difficult to walk on, especially when wet and muddy.

Surfacing requirements

Addagrip approved contractor Coatech was commissioned to provide a suitable, decorative finish to the paths, with the requirement that it was in keeping with the Church’s Grade 1 Listed environment. The surface needed to be porous to allow the drainage of surface water and also smooth to enable ease of access for parishioners.

Addagrip’s Terrabase Rustic was proposed as a solution, which provided a SUDS compliant, smooth, natural appearance, perfectly complementing the surrounding area.

Firstly, any existing paths were removed to expose the bare earth beneath and timber edging was installed. The Terrabase Rustic system comprising of Terrabase Geofabric, Terrabase Addagrid and Terrabase Resin Bound surface was then installed at an average depth of 35mm to provide a smooth, decorative finish.’

Using the Terrabase Rustic system negates the need to install a concrete or asphalt sub-base beneath the Resin Bound surface, which makes it a very cost effective option in situations where there is no suitable sub-base.

The Terrabase Rustic Beach pathways have transformed the historic building, much to the delight of parishioners.


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St Peter's Church