Addagrip 1000 system for airport runway repairs

Military Airfield Repairs In Poland

Concrete repair at Lask airport

Addagrip 1000 System resin has been used to carry out durable and extensive repairs to the concrete runways of two Polish airports over a period of several years from 2001.

Repairs using the 1000 System in Radom military airport took place between 2001 and 2002 over a total area of just under 20,000m², including the airport’s main runway. Polish contractors AGISA also carried out repairs to concrete runways in Lask Airport in both 2003 and 2006, covering a total area of over 16,000 sqm.


Both projects followed a recommendation by a German contact, with AGISA initially carrying out trials using the 1000 System in 1998. So convinced were they of its suitability for airfield repairs, they bid and won contracts for the work to Radom and Lask airports using the system.

Concrete in airfields is susceptible to erosion caused by frost, chemical attacks and aviation fuel spillage. Addagrip’s 1000 System is a two-part, deep penetrating resin that seals and protects concretes from further deterioration, prolonging its life by an estimated 10-15 years. It is particularly suitable for busy airfields as it is less time-consuming than replacing entire sections of concrete.

The convenience of the 1000 System allowed AGISA to carry out the work to a high standard in a short period of time, therefore reducing disruption to the airport.


Both the airfields and the contractor are very impressed with the end result. Barbara Leksowska, co-director of AGISA comments, “The 1000 System is an excellent product. In 2001 we used the 1000 System in Radom airport and the surface is still perfect.”

AGISA has recently won the tender for further works on Lask airport, and predicts future success for Addagrip’s product in Poland. Barbara Leksowska adds, “News of the benefits of Addagrip’s 1000 System has spread fast amongst civil and military airports, with several trials already taking place.

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