Rustic looking resin bound porous pathways for crematorium in Richmond, London

Mortlake Crematorium

Resin bound paths at Mortlake Crematorium

Situated on the banks of the Thames by Chiswick Bridge, Mortlake Crematorium was licenced in 1936 and formally listed as a Grade II building in May 2011 by English Heritage.
The Crematorium has recently undergone re-landscaping at the front of the building, which features a central roundabout and newly planted borders.

Surfacing requirements

As part of the renovation of the grounds, it was decided to replace the existing loose gravel walkways, which were uncomfortable underfoot when wet and presented issues with migrating gravel, and to resurface other paved areas with something more aesthetically pleasing.

It was essential that any resurfacing work was carried out with great sensitivity with a natural looking, porous product that would be comfortable underfoot, low maintenance and could be installed with the minimum of disruption and noise to allow services at the crematorium to continue.

Having seen the Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound pathway installation at Highgate Cemetery, Mortlake selected this product for over 1400sqm of pathways and garden areas in the crematorium grounds. Terrabase Rustic is our new patented resin bound porous paving system that can be installed without the need for a concrete or asphalt base,

The existing loose gravel material and paving slabs were removed and a compacted MOT Type 3 base was installed to take the new Terrabase Rustic surface, providing a natural looking, hard wearing surface which can be power washed to keep it looking clean and to maintain porosity.

Mortlake selected a Rustic Gold blend which provides warm looking and inviting pathways that allow visitors to spend time walking the grounds, leading them though the central path featuring a gazebo with seating, and the newly created Children’s Remembrance Garden which contains a beautiful calming pond, seating and stepping stone feature leading to an ironwork remembrance tree. Whilst the perimeter walkways are seamless, areas of the paved patio areas adjacent to the building have been designed to incorporate block edging features.

The pathways lead out to the front of the building where they incorporate recessed lighting discs for guidance and to illuminate the trees and planted areas.


Natasha Bradshaw, Superintendent and Registrar at Mortlake Crematorium, is delighted with the newly surfaced areas: “We are really pleased with the paths, more importantly we have received great feedback from visitors to the crematorium”.

The installation was completed by Addagrip approved contractor, Total Protection (GB) Ltd in November 2015.

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Mortlake Cremetorium