Resin bound pathways for Hertfordshire cemetery renovation

Rectory Lane Cemetery

Rectory Lane cemetery resin bound pathways

Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire has seen the completion of a major restoration project to transform the historic church cemetery, founded in 1842, restoring its heritage and creating a new community space and enhanced wildlife environment.
By the 1970’s, having ceased to be Berkhamsted’s main burial ground, the cemetery had become overgrown and historic monuments damaged by invasive weeds. In 2014 the Friends of St Peters launched the Rectory Lane Cemetery Project and secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund to restore the cemetery and conserve its history for future generations.

Surfacing requirements

Part of the restoration work included new pathways and seating areas and required a paving solution that was practical but offered natural looking walkways in keeping with this historical and sensitive site. The client liked the look of loose gravel but, as the site was on a slope, did not want the maintenance issues and it was important to ensure year-round access for all with a hard-wearing surface.

Terrabase Rustic, a patented no-dig resin bound porous surfacing system was the perfect non-invasive cemetery paving option, only requiring a compacted crushed aggregate base and needed no heavy machinery to install. This was particularly important due to limited access issues.

Addagrip approved contractor Graveltech Driveway Solutions Ltd was invited by Will Jackson Landscapes to install over 350m2 of Terrabase Rustic resin bound surfacing in a warm Rustic Gold blend. The new pathways look stunning and are no longer slippery and muddy, offering easy access to visitors, wheelchair users and pushchairs all year round.

Work started on the church pathways in March 2020 and was completed in July 2020.

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