A beautiful pathway weaving it's way through the park.

Terrabase Rustic at Little Chalfont Nature Park

Completed Terrabase Rustic Oak pathway at Little Chalfont Nature Reserve.

Little Chalfont Nature Park is in the heart of the Buckinghamshire village of Little Chalfont and within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has been created from the original preserved natural grassland and woodland by the village community.

Although a mere 4.6 acres, the Nature Park contains a rare wildflower meadow, old woodlands and relics of its past farm, cherry orchard and pits for extracting clay to make bricks.

It is owned by the Little Chalfont Charitable Trust and run by Little Chalfont Parish Council, who employed us the main contractor to undertake the creation of pathways for the public.

Numerous meetings and discussions spanning a period of 4 years, culminated in the selection of Addagrip’s Rustic Oak Resin Bound Gravel to offer the required strength and produce the most suitable aesthetic.

Extra care and attention were required in order to not damage the surroundings, and all arisings were recycled within the Park.

Over 490m2 of pathways were created and completed in early September of this year, along with the 120m2 entrance area.

Upon completion we were pleased to receive the following comments from the Project Manager:

‘’I just wanted to write and say a big ‘thank you’ to Vasile and all the team who have completed the work on our paths project. They have done an excellent job and we are really pleased with the finished product. There were no issues arising from the inspection and handover today.

As Project Manager, I found every one good to work with and very responsive when being asked to do something differently or when things weren’t going quite as we wanted.’’

Another fantastic job that we are so happy to have facilitated, thanks to Total Protection Group for their hard work on this project.

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