Stonebound Resin Bound in Dover

Albany House

Stonebound Sussex Gold installation at Albany House, Dover.

Elevating Standards at Albany House, Dover

We’re pleased to highlight a recent project at Albany House in Dover, where the professional team from HGT Construction, our Addagrip Approved Installer, demonstrated their expertise with our StoneBound system. Opting for the Sussex Gold blend, they achieved a pristine finish that not only enhances the property’s appeal but also exemplifies the high-quality standards associated with our products.

This project underscores the seamless synergy between Addagrip Terraco’s innovative solutions and the skilled craftsmanship of our installation partners. The resulting work at Albany House stands as a testament to the aesthetic and functional excellence we strive to deliver in every project.

A special acknowledgment to our Specification Manager, Mark Wilmot, for ensuring the project’s success and to HGT Construction for their unwavering commitment to quality.

Systems Used: