Greenwich Millennium Village Picnic Area and Tree Pits

Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing for Greenwich Millennium Village

Rear angle view of The TP Group's Addaset project

Project Overview: The TP Group, an Addagrip approved contractor and home to Greenstone Landscapes – a division dedicated to the private residential market, completed a notable project at Greenwich Millennium Village, an innovative urban development nestled along the River Thames in London.

Project Requirements: The task was to install over 100m² of Resin Bound Gravel for a scenic picnic seating area and its associated tree pits, adding both function and aesthetic appeal to this community space.

Solution and Installation: In collaboration with their client Turney Landscapes, The TP Group selected Addagrip’s BBA approved Addaset Resin Bound Gravel in a 6mm Rhine Gold blend for the footpaths. This choice was not only practical but also offered a visually appealing contrast with the surrounding green garden area.

For the tree pits, they opted for a consistent look using 6-10mm Rhine Gold aggregates. The depth of 75mm ensured a durable and sustainable solution, conducive to both the growth of the trees and the overall design of the area.

The natural hue of the Rhine Gold Resin Bound Gravel brought a vibrant yet harmonious balance to the site, complementing the lush greenery and the modern urban surroundings.

Client Feedback and Additional Work: The professionalism and craftsmanship displayed by The TP Group and Greenstone Landscapes were so well-received that they were invited back to extend the picnic area by an additional 20m². This extension reiterates the client’s satisfaction and trust in their expertise.

Project Completion: The entire installation, including the additional area, was efficiently completed within three non-consecutive days, demonstrating The TP Group’s commitment to timely and high-quality delivery.

Conclusion: This project at Greenwich Millennium Village showcases The TP Group’s and Greenstone Landscapes’ proficiency in enhancing communal outdoor spaces with sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The use of Addagrip’s high-quality Resin Bound Gravel products not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, further cementing The TP Group’s reputation as a leader in landscape design.

The success at Greenwich Millennium Village stands as a testament to the skill, efficiency, and attention to detail that The TP Group and Greenstone Landscapes bring to every project.

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