Addaset at Minchenden School.

Addaset at Minchenden School.

Showcasing Addaset at Minchenden School.

Project Insight:

In a significant redevelopment at Minchenden School in Southgate, London, Addagrip Terraco Ltd is proud to spotlight a project undertaken by our approved contractor, The TP Group. This project underscores our commitment to enhancing educational environments with high-quality surfacing solutions. Minchenden School, known for its specialised curriculum for upper secondary autistic children, embarked on a mission to enrich its vocational facilities, including a practice flat, therapy rooms, a gym, and a fitness room.

Collaboration and Installation:

The project’s inception came through a recommendation from Addagrip Terraco Ltd, with Thomas Sinden reaching out to The TP Group for their expertise. The task was to install our BBA Approved Addaset Resin Bound Gravel, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Design and Execution:

For the small communal seating area, the school opted for the 6mm Lucerne Silver blend, which provides a stark, beautiful contrast to the 6mm Dorset Gold used in the surrounding areas. This choice not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space but also contributed to creating an environment that stimulates the sensory experiences of the school’s students.

Overcoming Challenges:

The TP Group’s Total Protection operatives rose to the occasion, meeting a stringent deadline set by the client to ensure the school’s facilities were ready for the new term. The team successfully installed a total area of 1,748m² over just six non-consecutive days, a testament to their efficiency and dedication.

Client Satisfaction:

The completion of the project to the high standards expected by all parties involved was met with great enthusiasm. The striking Resin Bound Gravel surface not only fulfilled the aesthetic and functional requirements of the school’s redevelopment project but also stood as a symbol of the collaborative effort between The TP Group, Thomas Sinden, and Addagrip Terraco Ltd.


The transformation at Minchenden School is a prime example of how Addagrip Terraco Ltd’s innovative surfacing solutions can significantly contribute to the betterment of educational facilities. We are delighted with the outcome and proud of the hard work and dedication demonstrated by The TP Group to achieve such a remarkable finish within a challenging timeframe. This project highlights our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional surfacing solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs.

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Minchenden School.