Addaflex-R recycled rubber and aggregate paths for North Wales wooded walk

Abergele Woodland Paths

Resin bound woodland path with recycled content

Addagrip approved contractor Coatech Ltd was asked to install a porous, flexible, low maintenance surface for pathways on this project in Abergele, North Wales.

Surfacing requirement

The paving for the walkways needed to be lightweight and require minimal groundwork to ensure that there was no damage to the mature trees.  The surfacing also needed to be flexible to accommodate tree roots near to the surface and have good permeability.

Coatech suggested the Addaflex-R resin bound system which offers a flexible, porous paving using recycled rubber content and natural aggregate bound in a clear resin. The system contains rubber crumb from between 16 and 25 recycled vehicle tyres per sqm making it lighter than standard resin bound systems. Addaflex-R Buff Noir in a 50/50 blend was installed onto a compacted type 3 stone up to a temporary edging which was removed as the job progressed, providing seamless, low maintenance paving with excellent drainage.

Work on the pathways was completed in December 2021 on a stormy day just before Storm Barra rolled in.


Systems Used: