Quick Tip – Measuring your site correctly!

Before and after banner of a resin driveway renovation, with a central laser measurement.

Let’s talk about something super important: measuring your site before you start laying down that resin-bound system. Getting this right is key to making sure you’ve got enough material to get the job done without any headaches.

What You Need:

  • Tape Measure: A proper one that can handle large areas.
  • Measuring Wheel: Makes life easier for those long stretches.
  • Laser Measure: Not essential, but for the tech-savvy among us, this gets you precise numbers fast. (We have recommended Moasure for some time now).
  • Notebook and Pen: Jot down all your measurements.

The Process:

  1. Clear the Area: Make sure there’s nothing in your way – no tools, debris, or anything else that could mess up your measurements.
  2. Measure Length and Width: For rectangular or square areas, measure both the length and the width. If you’ve got an odd shape, break it down into smaller sections and measure each one.
  3. Calculate the Area: Multiply length by width for each section and add them up for the total area. Got a round area? Use (π × radius squared).
  4. Double-Check: Measure twice, cut once – make sure your numbers are spot on.

Better safe than sorry:

Always good to order about 10% more than you think you need. This way, if you mess up or something unexpected happens, you’re covered.

Measuring right means you’re not wasting time or money. So grab your gear, get those measurements, and let’s get that job done perfectly!