Can any aggregate be used in Resin Bound?

Compilation of various Resin Bound projects by Addagrip Terraco

A common query we at Addagrip Terraco often encounter is whether any aggregate can be used in a resin bound system. This blog aims to clarify the possibilities and limitations regarding the types of aggregates suitable for resin bound surfaces, especially in the context of our offerings.

Understanding Aggregate Specifications for Resin Bound Systems

The key to a successful resin bound system lies in the quality and specifications of the aggregate used. The largest aggregate size we work with is 10mm. This size is optimal for creating a smooth, even surface that is durable and permeable. Larger aggregates may compromise the integrity and finish of the surface.

Another crucial factor is the condition of the aggregate. It is essential that the aggregate is clean and dry before being mixed with the resin. Contaminants such as dirt or moisture can adversely affect the curing process of the resin, leading to a compromised surface that may be weaker and less visually appealing.

The Versatility of Resin Bound Aggregates

While there are limitations regarding size and condition, resin bound systems offer considerable versatility in terms of the types of aggregates that can be used. This versatility allows for a vast range of colours and textures.

At Addagrip Terraco, we boast a diverse and extensive range of colour options in our products. This variety ensures that our clients can achieve the desired aesthetic for their project, whether it’s a natural, subtle look or a more vibrant, eye-catching appearance.

Potential of Using Different Aggregates

The potential to use various aggregates within the specified criteria opens up a realm of possibilities for creative and functional landscape design. From the more traditional looks achieved with natural stones to contemporary designs using coloured glass, the choices are extensive.

It’s important to note that while there is flexibility in aggregate choice, not all aggregates are suitable for resin bound applications. Factors such as hardness, shape, and absorption rates can influence the suitability of an aggregate. Therefore, professional guidance is crucial when selecting the right aggregate for your project if you are shopping outside of the existing range.

Conclusion: Flexibility Within Boundaries

While there are certain limitations in terms of aggregate size and condition, the world of resin bound surfaces offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. With Addagrip Terraco, you have access to a wide range of colours and textures, ensuring that almost any design aspiration can be met, provided the aggregates meet our specified criteria of size and quality.

Our commitment to providing versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing resin bound solutions means we are continually exploring new aggregates and combinations, pushing the boundaries while adhering to our standards of quality and performance.

Whether you’re a landscape architect, a designer, or a property owner, with Addagrip Terraco, the potential for creating stunning, resilient, and bespoke surfaces is virtually limitless.