Approved Installer Q&A with Mathew Shufflebotham, Contracts Director at Coatech LTD.

Compilation image showcasing various resin bound projects by Coatech LTD with Addagrip products.

Join us in our latest blog for a special Q&A with Coatech, esteemed experts in the resin flooring industry since 1987. Based in Rhyl, North Wales, this second-generation family business is celebrated for its bespoke, high-quality resin solutions, serving a wide array of projects across the UK. Discover the insights and experiences that have cemented Coatech’s reputation as a leader in their field.


How did you begin your journey in the resin surfacing industry, and what has kept you motivated in this field?

I started in the industry back in the busy summer of 2005, helping out my Dad who needed some extra labour.

My plan was for my career to take me elsewhere but something here gripped me, I certainly didn’t think I would still be here 19 years down the line. When I started in 2005 just as a labourer, I loved the fast pace and certainly liked the diversity that the job came with, I then realised my journey was to work at Coatech and to work at being one of the top contractors in the industry. Having worked solely in this industry now for such a vast period of time, we have worked through many hard times with recessions and a very volatile construction industry, but we are still here which is testament to our hard work and dedication to what we do.


Among the range of Addagrip products, do you have a preferred system to work with? If so, what makes it your favourite?

We have always loved working with Addaset, from my early days, this was always known as one of the elite Resin Bound Stone surfacing systems available in the UK and it worked very well. Going back to jobs we carried out over 15 years ago to see them still performing well definitely gives you a good feeling that the Addagrip systems really do stand the test of time. But then you gave the good old products like Addastone, which to this day still are very popular and provide a long lasting and visually appealing finish.


When you’re not transforming spaces with resin, what’s your favourite way to unwind or pursue creativity?

I have a passion for being outdoors on either dry land or water and anything that is fast, so you will either find me behind the wheel of something sporty, taking a long hike in the wilderness with my wife and our Cocker Spaniel or out on a lake paddleboarding. We also love exploring, so we try to get away as much as possible when work permits to see the world.


What has been your favourite project using Addagrip products, and what made it stand out for you?

 There are too many to list really, the range of products is diverse and the locations in which they get installed is vast, also having been installing Addagrip products for a very long time, we have seen it all. The products really make a significant change to wherever they get installed, but I really love the difference it makes to people’s homes and this is where you can get a lot of job satisfaction. Seeing clients faces and the feedback you receive when you complete the job for them, really puts a smile on your face.


Where do you see the resin surfacing industry heading in the next few years, and how are you preparing to adapt to upcoming trends or technological advancements?

The future is still looking very bright for the industry, with year-on-year demand for SUDS compliant products increasing, Addagrip have been at the forefront of this now for many years, with various product ranges at their disposal. With this in mind still expect to see significant increase in growth over the coming years.

Also labour as in a lot of industries is tough to find, so we will keep training and upskilling our workforce and as technological advancements are made this will allow our workforce to adapt quickly and remain at the forefront within the industry.


Thanks so much to Mathew for taking the time to speak with us!